"The only thing that counts is that I won't sleep..."

Lordy, lordy, lordy.

Today was just one of those days that kicked my ass! PJ had an awesome night last night, only getting up once to nurse for about 15 minutes. All that sleep must have made him feel like a big man, because today?





Oy, vey. We tried rocking, swinging (in his swing, not like, by his feet or anything!)snuggling with him, laying him in his crib. He's not a big napper, but today he was just a hot mess- getting more tired and miserable by the second but just fighting sleep SOOOOO hard. In desperation, I finally buckled him into his car seat and took him for a drive, and even that only worked for about half an hour! He was in a great mood after his dinner and during his bath, and fell asleep pretty easily. But he would cry as soon as I tried to lay him in his crib, which is unusual even for my spoiled baby! It took a long time for him to settle out and finally fall asleep- he must have been exhausted!!

It was one of those days when I felt like motherhood was kicking my ass. It wasn't until my poor sweet Boy was finally sleeping peacefully that I thought that maybe I wasn't ruining his life by thinking I could raise a kid!

So, tomorrow a new naptime routine will commence. And quit laughing. I am totally going to make this happen! PJ should be napping...by college. :-P And nap or no nap, is he not the most gorgeous thing you have ever laid eyes on?

Ahhhh....love that Boy, even when he won't sleep!

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Shelly said...

*being good is boring* hahahahhaha

also you are an awesome mother. you are doing a GREAT job!! pj is loved and happy and stylish =)

does he like the stroller? amelie and ezra were/are restless often and the stroller always did the trick for us! ezra also loves going outside to watch me hang up clothes....so install a clothesline or something =) ha!

hope the routine works for you and your young man!