"It's gettin' hot in here..."

It is warm here in NJ!

The weather went from being super chilly to flippin' hot in just three days! Number one, I hate that kind of up-down weather, because it's murder on my sinuses! Number two, I have recently discovered, is that PJ is just like his father.

He's no good in the heat.

It should not come as a surprise- when I was pregnant, PJ would pretty much just give up on life whenever it got hot. He would go from kicking me to death to sleeping in there ALLLLLL day. Which, of course, would freak me out. I would sit down to do kick counts and he'd kick me juuuuuuuuuust enough to get by! I'm sure I don't have to tell you how well that went over with the paranoid first-time-pregnant lady.

Yeah. That well.

So, anyway, PJ spent much of the day kind of punky. I'm sure part of that is because he only took two 20 minute naps between 8am and 8pm (sigh...), but for the most part, you could tell the poor little dude was just hot. I think that tomorrow, we will have to commence with the turning on of the air conditioner!

Still, the good thing about the warmer weather? These super cute, glow-in-the-flippin'-dark pirate pajamas that PJ is rocking!

Yo, ho, yawn. A pirates sleep for me.


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