"Blank stares at blank pages, no easy way to say this..."

We all slept in late today- even PJ!
Of course, the reason PJ slept late was because he thought it would be so fun to be happy, laughing, and awake from 10-11:30 last night!
This might also be the reason my sweet little Boy was kind of punky today.
We all lazed around today until it was time for Pete to go to work.
After he left, PJ and I continued to laze. :-P
I need to pick out invites for PJ's baptism.
Ironically, I also need to select invites to his bris/naming.
Half Jewish, half Catholic babies have alot of parties, it turns out.
The Flyers came back from being down 3 games to none to force a game 7!
That made me very happy!
The son of a friend of my husband's is in the hospital- won't you pray for him?
Can you tell yet that I am feeling very random?
I hope PJ has a better day tomorrow- when he's sad, I'm sad.
It's funny how, now that I am a parent, my emotions can ride so much on the happiness and well-being of one little person!
Right now, though, I have a headache.
I am going to go take some Advil and hop into a hot shower to make it go away.
Then I am going to get into my pajamas, check on PJ, kiss his head, and go to bed.
There, I will wait for Pete to join me after work.
That's all I've got.

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