"There's only one thing to do, three words for you..."

I can not stop eating the Starbusts my friend Randi brought over the night! And you have to chew them like a cow, so all day long it's been "choooooomp...choooomp..."


I should be in bed, today was a long day! I got up with PJ at 6:45 and haven't stopped going since! We had a visit this morning from Pete's Uncle Vince, who is helping us plan PJ's baptism. Uncle Vince is a deacon and was a co-officiant at my and Pete's wedding! We asked him for his help in planning a baptism, so he came by this morning to give us the information we needed and also to have some breakfast! Alot of you may know that we are not the neatest people ever, and that I am not much of a housekeeper, so there was a flurry of straightening up before Uncle Vince arrived! On the upside though, it looks nice in here! :-)

Now, all is quiet, Pete is at work and PJ is sound asleep (he only took 3 20-minute cat naps today!!)! And me? It's just a little blurb for today, because I'm about to follow!

Goodnight!! :-)

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