"If you only knew what my heart would do for you..."

Drumline is on!!! I lovelovelove this movie! Nick Cannon is the cutest!

Today was a lovely day, it was beautiful out and the day has a slow, calm feel to it! We all slept in this morning- PJ got up at 7am to eat, but quickly fell back to sleep, so we tucked him in next to us and snoozed together (I am not a huge fan of bedsharing during the night, when I sleep more soundly and might roll around, but during daylight, we have been know to nap together!).

Tomorrow it's suppose to rain, but hopefully, it won't put a dent into what will be a very special day, Pete's 32nd birthday and our niece Sarah's First Holy Communion!

It's always times like this when we miss Greg, and nobody more then Shelly and those gals. And how can we not- his first baby is about to have a milestone moment. It's always the first thought to say "...and he's not here to see it", but of course Greg will be there, no question. I am praying that Shelly and the girls, especially Sarah as she takes part in such an important day, can remember Greg sweetly and enjoy the day with happy hearts.

And as for my sweet, sexy, firefighting husband, his own day is kind of intermixed with Sarah's, but I hope he always knows that his birthday is a VERY special day! I can't imagine my life without him, and will always be so thankful that he is born!

Even if it was nearly a year after me, a fact that he loves to remind me of. Brat.

And with that, on the eve of such wonderful things, I wish you all a goodnight! :-)

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