"I love your smile..."

It's very quiet here at the Latini homestead- Pete is at work and PJ is sound asleep after a busy, fun day with our friends and family!

(asleep, I might add, after putting himself to sleep without crying or fussing for the first time ever! I heard him play with his paci for a bit, then heard nothing, and when I checked, he was sound asleep in his usual "hold-up" position (arms up!). My baby doesn't need me anymore!! Sniffle...sniffle...)

And now is where I take a second to wax poetic about Facebook! I. Love. It! I love knowing what my friends are up to by reading status updates, I love seeing pictures posted, I love the little "Like" button! I'm not super into all of the games, but as far as feeding my nosey, need-to-know-right-now, ADD temperament? I heart Facebook! It's like an online reunion! Via Facebook, I have made tons of connections with people it might have been easy to lose touch with otherwise. Which is how I connected with my friend Tammy again, which is why we spent two lovely afternoons in a row hanging out! She is only working part time and has two sweet little girls, and with weather this lovely, it was easy to spend a long afternoon at the playground and then have a bite to eat at the The Pop Shop!

After that, we had some quiet time at home with Pete before he left for work and PJ and I headed out to celebrate my mother-in-law Geri's birthday! Pete, PJ and I got her a beautiful bone china tea set- something lovely she can bring out for guests, but replaceable if something breaks, unlike any china that's been in her family for years! Ooooo, and we also got her some chocolate mint tea! I got some for myself, too! :-) Soooooooooooooooo delicious!

And there we have the makings of a wonderful day! I have been a little down about something, deep in my heart, but days like today lift me right on through, and I am so thankful for all I am surrounded by!

Oh, and I am also thankful for this guy:

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