"Baby, I'm so glad you're mine!"

Dear PJ,

I can't post a new picture of you because I have no idea what Daddy did with the camera! :-)

Today you are five months old! FIVE MONTHS! That is almost half a year that has somehow gone by in a flash and yet it seems like there was no life at all before you were here!

I think you have done the most changing between the start of your fourth month and today! All of your sweet blonde hair fell out, except for a cute tuft on top of your head, but it's starting to grow back! You have the softest head full of blonde-blonde peach fuzz! You are also getting H-U-G-E! You were almost 17 pounds at your last doctors visit! PJ, seriously? Your thighs are unreal! And those eyes are still as blue as can be, Daddy and I are starting to wonder if it will stay!

You have been smiling for a while, but now you laugh! It's the funniest sound and it's just like music to me! Daddy is the best at getting you to laugh! You are loving your exersaucer and your playmat, even though you are not rolling too much yet!

You still love your bath, still love to eat, and still sleep with your arms above your head!

You are the most amazing son a Mama and Daddy could hope for, and this has been the happiest 5 months of our lives! And as we tell you all the time, you are the best Boy-Boy in the whole, wide world, and we love you so much!

Happy 5 Months!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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Wilmary S. said...

Beautiful!! I hope your little boy have fun in his monthly birthday!!