"Rest your head close to my heart, never to part..."

Another beautiful day! A girl could get used to this! ;-)

We had a lovely breakfast with my mother- and father-in-law! It was nice to have guests here, and even nicer for PJ to spend time with his Nan and Pop (who I truly need to make an effort to see more- or, bring PJ to see them)! PJ is still a bit punky and shaking off the last of his cold, but he made a valiant effort to be his usual cute, sweet, smiley self!

The weather has been amazing, so I strapped PJ into the Baby Bjorn and we took a walk through Collingswood! PJ loved it- he kicked his legs and could not stop looking around! Personally, my favorite scenery was looking down and seeing the breeze ruffling my son's blonde hair! It was one of those moments where I just can't believe he's mine! PJ has been on a bit of a nap strike the past few days, so it was gratifying when our jaunt into the fresh air left him knocked out cold for a good two hour nap! Nap aside though, he's been tired the past few days (darn cold) so he was asleep a good 45 minutes before his bedtime tonight!

My poor, sweet boy!

And speaking of the Boy (although when am I not?), he was photographed last week by the lovely and talented Michelle Bottalico, a photographer who we have been lucky enough to have chronicle Pete and I from our engagement on! She has been traveling in Italy since just after our wedding in 2008, but came home to help two of her sisters welcome new babies into the world! We were lucky enough to snag some of her time, and had PJ modeled for her camera! She will be on her way back to Italy tomorrow, but sent some proofs from the shoot, including these shots:

I am so in love with this boy!

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