"Three, oh, it's the magic number, of yeah, it is..."


I can hardly believe it! While I find myself missing the sweet, scrawny boy we brought home in November, PJ has a new surprise for me every day, so the sting of seeing the days go by so fast is mended by the new joys he brings me! Today he was grasping the toys on his bouncy seat and pulling them towards him! He is at his most smiley when he wakes up in the morning, almost like he is as happy to see Pete and I as we are to see him! He is so funny and sweet and it doesn't seem like it's possible that three months have gone by already! It doesn't feel like there was anything before he was here!

Of course, the morning started off with some excitement- Pete's fire pager went off early in the morning, calling his department to fight a fire that turned out to be right next door to his brother and sister-in-law's house! YIKES! The upstairs of the home was destroyed, but nobody was hurt and thanks to the hard work of the Oaklyn FD, the fire didn't spread. Oaklyn only gets a handful of "real" fires every year- alot of the calls are for downed wires, car accidents, fumes, smoke, etc- but a few are quite enough for my nerves!

Now, since I have been awake since the pager went off and, unlike my husband and my son, I did not get a nap today, I am falling asleep as I type this, so goodnight!

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