"It's time for the good times..."

It is so sweet to be back home, with my boy tucked into his bed, my cat purring at my feet, and Pete to be home from drill to snuggle in our own bed with me!

Of course, to get to come back home,you had to have gone somewhere first, and we were lucky enough to spend a long weekend in the Pocanos! My sister and her husband were able to join us, along with Pete's dad, and all in all, it was a relaxing, fun weekend! The drive up was a challenge- we hit alot of traffic, to say nothing of the perils of a long drive with a two month old! We made a stop at a Borders Books on the way so we could all get some caffeine and I could nurse the Boy (who, of course, garnered many an admiring glance!)! But, we made it to the Pocano's and spent the night relaxing! PJ got a bath in the sink and then was tucked into the same Pack n' Play that just about all of his cousins have slept in before!

The next day, the boys all went skiing, and Marla, PJ and I hit the outlets for some shopping! We bundled up PJ because it's an outdoor mall, and he stayed toasty in his stroller while Marla and I enjoyed the awesome prices! We scored some cute stuff for PJ, including a winter jacket for 10 bucks! I don't think I can ever go back to regular prices again! I'll just plan a trip to the Pocanos and do all of PJ's shopping in one day! This "Eligible Bachelor" romper was a favorite find of the day! I also scored a few things for me, new mascara and a nursing bra! Marla, I think, had the ebst find of the day- boots from the Bass outlet that were buy one, get two free!! Two free!!! I told her if she missed an opportunity like that I'd have to slap her! ;-) Thankfully, we didn't make it to the Coach outlet! But, that aside, it was nice to get some sister time! Since PJ has been born, it's been hard to get time to hang out the way we like to!

One of the sweetest parts of the weekend was seeing Pete and PJ get some nighttime togetherness in! Pete works night, so he's often not home for PJ's bath and bedtime routine, and those are some of the nicest moments with him. It really made my heart so happy to see Daddy and Baby Boy enjoying being close to each other! PJ even got to watch his first Super Bowl with his Daddy! Pete seemed to really enjoy having some time to relax and just enjoy PJ the way I get to every day, since I am home with him!

(more about the weekend tomorrow!)

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