"Hello, I've waited here for you everlong..."

Today's Top Ten!

1. My sweet boy has a touch of reflux, which is why he has been acting "teethe-y" lately! A trip to the pediatrician this morning helped us figure that out, so he's going to take some kiddie Zantac to help his belly feel better!

2. At said trip to the doc, we found out PJ weighs 13 lbs, 12oz! He has officially outgrown the newborn options on his Pack n Play, so Pete and I...well, packed it! We will resurrect it when PJ starts to crawl and needs a playpen, but for now, we're replacing it with his as-yet-unused swing! And I only cried a little. :-)

3. We managed to get to the Treehouse for a lovely morning with my lovely friends! Peppermint mochas taste even better with good conversation!

4. I got PJ's dresser and closet all organized with his new 3-6 months size clothes! And I only cried a little when I packed up his 0-3 stuff! :-)

5. Grilled cheese tastes better when you share it with your husband!

6. Pete and I are compiling a list of things we need to put on Criagslist or e-Bay. We have too many things that take up too much space and it's time to get rid of it! I am even -GASP!- going to pare down my craft closet (so for all of my crafty friends,now's your chance to get some goodies for free!)!

7. My first order of cloth diapers should be arriving tomorrow! I can't wait to try them out! It has already been decided that we are going to switch to cloth wipes (except for really grody, giganto poopie-doopies) because we seem to go through them at an amazing rate!

8. I have been thinking of Mom-Mom very often as of late- it's coming up on a year since she passed away, and I miss her so much. I think about what a kick she would get out of PJ! I have been waring a pair of her earrings lately to have something physical to make me feel near her.

9. I am really, truly, completely sick of snow. Sick of it, sick of it, sick of it. I would throw myself off a cliff, but all of the snow would just cushion my fall anyway. Bring. On. The. Spring!

10. I am tired and it's time for bed! GOODNIGHT!

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