"Sweet child of mine..."

Today was one of those days that was just lovely! It was lovely in the best kind of way- the kind that isn't rushed, isn't forced, isn't too exciting or jarring to the system. It was just a lovely day!

It actually started pretty early this morning, at 2am, when Pete got home from work! I was up feeding PJ when Pete came in, so I was awake and coherent enough to talk with him a bit, and PJ contributed with some grins and feet-kicking! His Daddy found him pretty hard to resist, so I kept my mouth shut about how Pete was getting the baby all wound up and let them enjoy a Daddy-Son moment!

We all went back to sleep and around 7:30, PJ was ready for breakfast and I was ab;e to start my day! We left Daddy in bed to sleep of his night at work a little longer and PJ and I headed off to the Treehouse to meet my coffee morning Mama friends! Randy, one of the owners, greeted me at the counter with "The usual?" (which, in case you care, is a peppermint mocha with whipped cream!), which made my day! The Treehouse could be like my Cheers! The Mama's chatted while the babies looked cute and the toddlers toddled, and before we knew it, it was time to head home!

PJ and I were excited to come home and spend the afternoon with Pete! We had a quiet day, punctuated with the excitement of a package arriving! It was from one of my favorite people in the world, my high school music teacher, Mr. Reid, and his amazing wide Nancy! I tore open the package and it contained outfits for PJ! We were so excited- PJ was was more excited then he looks, he was just being cool about it!

Pete headed off to work (boo) and PJ and I headed to Buy Buy Baby for an improptu shopping session with friends Michelle and Amy! PJ was super happy to see his buddy Ezra, too! I found a CD of Guns and Roses songs made into lullabyes! I knew that would crack Pete up, so I had to buy it! It's so funny to hear "Sweet Child Of Mine" as a lullabye! We all had a great time browsing the items and chatting!

After that, PJ and I came home, PJ got a bath, ate, and went to bed (a pretty good fourth night of our bedtime routine! PJ was up for a bit but since he wasn't crying I just let him lay in bed and sing to himself!)! And here we are!

Here's to days filled with the simple, sweetest things!



I do what I want! said...

Still the cutest freaking baby ever. And I'm not even biased because he isn't mine! You guys should make more because dang they are cute!

Shelly said...

your *cheers* tee hee!