"It's times like these, time and time again..."


And okay. So it's a few days past New Years at this point! But, you are talking to someone who hasn't, as of yet, sent out the birth announcements for her over 1 month-old son!

(I mean, at this point? Everyone knows he's here! But I'm sending them out anyway, because I feel like spreading cuteness via the mail is a mitzvah! )

Anyway...there is a reason for my enthusiastic, if somewhat late, celebration of the New Year!

New Years comes with alot of expectation for so many people. I mean, Weight Watchers knows what they are doing when they run a sale on membership at the start of the New Year (that I...ahem...fully intend to take advantage of!)! The New Year means a new slate for people, and the air is thick with the promise of weight loss, career changes, developing new habits, breaking old ones, and on and on. For some people, the changes stick and for others? They are as fleeting as the month of January!

I have always been the type of person who sees January 1st as the start of something new in my life! I have tried to make resolutions or, at the very least, just change my attitude about the things that are going on in my life. It's usually a resolve to not be so messy/fat/lazy/uninspired- things I have a strong tendency towards. And while I don't think the traits that are really at my core are going to change (I think I will always be messy, impatient, and sarcastic), I do have goals that I want to meet for this year and beyond:

1. Be the best mom I am capable of being
2. Always remember to love the ones around me
3. Set the foundation to meet my next set of goals (buying a house, going back to work, having another baby)
4. Lead as purposefully a life as possible
5. Introduce my son to books, music, and all of the beautiful things in the world
6. Protect him from the not-so-beautiful things
7. "Find" my husband again and bring togetherness to our marriage
8. Be willing to learn as I go along instead of thinking I know it all
and, since they all sound a bit vague...


Some of the other things I want for myself (be a better housekeeper, stop reading garbage like Perez Hilton and watching garbage like The Jersey Shore, stop losing my patience with my mother and stop teasing my father-in-law about breastfeeding when it clearly makes him uncomfortable) may or may not happen, and I think it's okay.

It may be a New Year, but every single day is a new day, and all I really want is to be able to enjoy every single one!


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