"I love you more today then yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow..."

Just a quick note on a lovely weekend!

Not that we did anything at all, really. Pete had to work and I hibernated inside with PJ as it has been absolutely frigid outside! My goal this weekend was to continue to try and make something nice again out of the complete crapheap our apartment has become! Thankfully, I was able to make some progress- the baby's room is pretty much done (pictures to come) and I turned a Giant Mountain of Laundry into merely a Pretty Big Pile. Which, trust me, is something.

Tonight PJ and I took a ride over to have dinner with Aunt Shelly and cousins Sarah, Riley and Emilia! Dinner was delicious, and PJ was sweet enough to wait until I took my last bite before he started wailing that he was ready to nurse! And thank goodness he did let me eat, because he then proceeded to nurse for like, two hours straight!

And the Mama said "Moo".

That said, if you saw this face peeking out at you from his car seat, wouldn't you pretty much offer him up anything he wanted?

Or, this face:

And now Sunday is over and we have a full week ahead of us!

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Ree said...

He is SOOOOOOO C.U.T.E.!!!!!