"I felt a blessing straight from God, the day you gave me a son..."

Ten Things About PJ
On His 2 Month Birthday!

or, I talk about my kid way to freakin' much!

1. When PJ naps, he's just laid down in his crib or Pack n' Play but at night, he's swaddled so he doesn't startle himself by jerking his body. He LOVES to be swaddled, but every night, he wiggles his arms free and sleeps with them over his head! When he does it, you can hear him going "heh...heh...heh..." as we works to free his arms!

2. PJ is not a big crier, and now that we are more able to interpret what he's crying about, it pretty much comes down to being hungry or tired. His tired cry is pretty steady, but his hungry cry has kind of a babbly sound to it, like when people imitate Ted Kennedy and make that "Eh-rah" sound!

3. Disturbingly, he really likes to watch TV. I mean, I know it just looks like a big, glowy box right now, but I still swear he was staring at Kristin Chenoweth this morning! He will also watch Pete play video games. Weird.

4. I hate to be gross, but this kid farts really loudly! It's unreal!

5. Our favorite time right now is bath time! When he was first bathed, we would put him in one of those slings across his little tub and the poor thing would scream bloody murder! On a whim one night, I tried just dunking him in, and he LOVED it! Like his mama, he likes his bath on the warmer side and could lie there, relax, and splash about forever! I am hoping his love of baths will mean that, unlike his mama, he will feel confidant in learning how to swim!

6. Right after his bath is when his blonde hair is at it's best- it just fluffs right up like a dandelion! Much to his father's chagrin, I like to comb it up into a faux-hawk!

7. And in other news about PJ's hair, he likes to grab a handful of it when he's nursing! He doesn't pull it or anything, he just kind of uses it as his wubby! The other day, I had little mitts on him because he was scratching his face, and he still managed to grab his hair!

8. Some of our sweetest time with PJ is in the morning. I'll nurse him, and then he lays between Pete and I, kicking his feet and looking from Mama to Daddy, grinning and coo-ing and just generally being Really. Freakin'. Cute! Pete and I talk to PJ, chat with each other, and enjoy the coziness of being a family!

9. When PJ is sleeping, he is sleeping, and does not want to be roused! Sooooooooooo like his father! But, when he's awake, he is super-alert, and has been since he was born. He likes to look around at everything! And now that he doesn't have that newborn eye-roll-y thing going on, he makes eye contact and can interact one-on-one!

10. This little man is so, so loved by so many people, and I can't wait until he's old enough to know just how amazingly lucky he is!

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