"Does that make me crazy? Probably..."

It's Night Two and all is going well so far!

Pete and I are trying to get PJ into a more reasonable bedtime routine, so tonight is the second night he has been down by 8:30! He wasn't getting to bed much before 10, 10:30 before (!), but now that we are understanding his signals better (hungry vs tired, awake vs restless, etc) it was time to start a better routine for all of us!

Plus, I am able to better resist cuddling my sweet baby for all the hours God sends! And okay, the resisting his pretty hard- I want to run in and scoop him up right now! And look at that face, don't you want to scoop him up, too?

(thanks, michelle, for that hat, by the way!)

Our second successful bedtime is a row is helping alot with what was a frustrating day, although not with my boy, in fact, today was a very sweet day for us! Although there aren't too many days with PJ that aren't sweet!

So, how much of that sweetness do I need to share, or that I'm obligated to share? I have to admit, sometimes it's hard for me to give PJ over to other people. Most people seem to be respectful of that, but sometimes, I'm called out on it, and I can't help but wonder who is the unreasonable one.

I can own up to my overprotectiveness. Even though his few issues have been minor, seeing him get poked for blood over and over in the hospital was enough to do this new mama in! He also has something called hypospadias, a birth defect of his genitals (his little man bit is crooked!!)that is truly minor and very easily corrected with a surgery he will never remember. But, because of that, I am not really big on other people changing his diaper- in fact, Pete and I are the only people who have. I'm weird, I know, but should it be okay for me to indulge in my weirdness because I am PJ's mother, or do I give in to the pressure to..well, to share?

I know that in some ways, I am being a lunatic. PJ is one of the most loved babies I have ever seen, and letting the people who love him be close to him can only be good for him and for everyone else! So is that the next mama task I try to master, or is it okay to want to be wary of others caring for him?

That's enough babble for now! Since my Boy-Boy went to bed tonight like a champ, I think it's time for his mama to follow suit! Your reward for reading all of this drivel (if you made it this far) is a picture of PJ getting his bath tonight!!


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Shelly said...

girl--i'm on baby number 3 and i don't let other people hold or change my baby! not even my mama! maybe that's why we're friends--we've got the over-protective ocd thing going for us =)