"Day by day I wake up for you..."

My sweet baby is having his morning nap, which leaves me free to clean...so of course, I am sipping my coffee and writing!

PJ turned two months on the 26th, and that alone is an accomplishment for me! As a new mother, I feel like I have no idea what I am doing almost all the time. I have my victories as each day goes by (figuring out what cry means what, keeping him warm, breastfeeding, which is sometimes harder then I thought it would be)and each of those moments means more to me then one can imagine!

I have always been someone who likes to do all that I can for the people I love, but I look at PJ and wonder will there ever be enough that I can do for this Boy? Most days, I feel like it's amazing that I have kept him alive! :-)

It's only in moments like this, when PJ is grunting in his sleep as usual, the living room is mostly clean, and I have enough caffeine in me to feel like a normal person that I realize all I can do is take it day by day.

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