"'Cause everybody cries..."

Before I settle down to write, I really must thank the Lifetime channel for making movies like "The Pregnancy Pact". It takes a network of great integrity and commitment to the entertainment of it's viewers to make a movie filled with so much corny, cheesy wonderfulness! Yay for movies that are so bad they're great!

Here at our place, we have been trying to establish a routine of getting PJ to bed. Thus far...it's a big old failure! I haven't been able to manage to get him to bed much before 10pm every night. Part of the problem is that I have been having some breastfeeding issues at night in terms of PJ being able to get enough milk, so that doesn't help. Both of us are often tired and frustrated, so it's making our nighttime routine a little hectic. And it's making the mama lose some of her confidence!

My sweet husband does his best to try and reassure me, but (and I will try not to sound like a lunatic, lest anyone thing I'm about to go all psycho in some sort of post-partum psycho fit) when you are looking down at this little face, and realizing that you are responsible completely for his well-being and happiness...it's a little overwhelming! As a mama, all I want in the world is for this boy to know nothing but comfort, safety, and love! The love and safety part I have covered pretty easily, but when, for example, you are having trouble breastfeeding, and your sweet baby is crying in frustration, it kind of gives your heart a little pinch.

I know all of this is something PJ and I will both survive- what new mama, or old for that matter, doesn't run into breastfeeding snags?- and will live to tell the tale. But in the moment, it can be so hard!

Thank goodness that I can look down at that little face, crying or not, and know that all of this is worth it!

(PS- I am going to start tagging my blogs by topic, not just song title, so I can look back at them with more ease!)

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