"Your love is better then ice cream..."

Sigh...I am having a teenage girl moment as I totally ogle Taylor Lautner- otherwise known as Jacob from Twilight- on Jay Leno! Which has a few problems- it makes me feel like I am supporting both pedephilia and bestiality, as he is both- what? 18 years old and plays a werewolf! But really? He's just lovely (wicked smile!).

Moving on...

I have been trying and trying to find my little, soon-to-be-born, half-Jewish baby a decent outfit for Christmas! As most of you know, I'm Jewish, but Pete is Not. That said, I am blessed enough to be able to spend Christmas day with both Pete's family and my family, who are always included! A two-religion household can be complicated, but it makes the division of the holidays a snap! :-)

Anyway, I have been searching for the right outfit for the Boy, but everything I find is too ugly or too cutesy! I did find an Amy Coe outfit- black, with a skull wearing a Santa hat- but it was vetoed by my husband! So, the search continues!

Speaking of the holidays, they are just about upon us! Thanksgiving is in like, two weeks, then Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years! It's one of the best times of the year for me- I love all things festive! And to think, somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and possibly during Hanukkah, our little one will arrive!

I think that's enough rambling out of me for today! It's off to bed for this chunk!!


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I do what I want! said...

awww you will have your beautiful baby boy for his first Christmas! I can't wait to see him! I know you will find the perfect outfit!

and Jacob from twilight is hot! You aren't a pedophile or practicing bestiality....maybe just being a cougar ;) haha