"I'm ok, I'm alright, ain't gonna face no defeat..."

In an amazing turn of events, what a lovely Monday today was!

It started out cold and dark- I can't believe how fast the days are growing shorter! On the mornings I have to be at work at 7am, it's dark most of the way! I even warmed up my car this morning (I think the Automatic Car Starter Fairy is going to have to make a visit soon!)! But, soon enough, the sun came out and it was a beautiful, crisp fall day! And even better? It was a short day for me- I was off for the rest of the day after I got the gals to school!

The rain and chill of the past few days had me in a funk- I can't deny it. It's not news that we're struggling here a bit. Pete is still looking for a job as my own is in it's last few weeks. I am prayerful, positive, and hopeful that things will come together for us, but it's hard for someone...well, someone as controlling as me to have things up in the air like this. I like to have my ducks in a row- my day planner is never not in the same room, I check and re-check my schedule, and I like to be prompt, prepared, and at my best for everything.

But, like I said, the sun came out today and lifted my mood considerably! In the spirit of preparedness, Pete and I went to a class on Labor Basics, where I learned the most important thing is to get a bikini wax at some point before you go into labor!

Yikes. That said, even with all the talk of bloody show and mucous plugs and other such goodness, I still felt excited when I thought of going through it all myself! Although I intend to have much more well-groomed bikini line!! Can you believe I'm 33 weeks along?

Oh, and guess what? Our wedding video finally came!! And we've only been married for 15 1/2 months! Despite the time it took to get it, and the nasty-gram I got from the videographer when I dared ask where it was, it really did come out well!! In fact, enjoy the "Prologue" segment, it's like a music video of the whole wedding. That was, you can show people your wedding video without completely torturing them!


Shelly said...

i know how hard it is to be *waiting* on many things--praying that pete finds a dream job soon! oh, and if you see the automatic car starter fairy send her my--i could totally use that. also, if you see the automatic labor starter fairy i'd like to meet her even more. =)

Ree said...

Keep your chin up sweetie...it will all work out!!
This video was AWESOME!!! It looked like a beautiful day!!
I have to say though, that I got a twinge in my ♥ when I saw Greg!! What a bitter-sweet memory for you guys!!
Much ♥♥ is sent your way...I wish you & Pete the best...you guys deserve it!! You are sooo blessed with more aewsome things to come!!