"That was quite a show, very entertaining, but it's over now- go on and take a bow..."

Does it make me a bad person to launch into a huge bitch session, despite all of my blessings? I feel like sometimes, I have no room to complain.I have people I love, friends and family I adore, a healthy boy growing away in my belly, and the income to afford a roof over my head and a phone that allows me to check Facebook. So, if I were about to heave a big sigh and start ranting, would that make a horrible, ungrateful person?

Well, if it does, tough taco's. It's my blog! ;-)

Aren't I sweet?

Ahem. Anyway...today was just one of those days I felt like I was off of my game, even though most of the circumstances surrounding the day were completely out of my control. Feeling like I am not 100% frustrates me, so this day may not have had a chance from the get-go! It started off with Ellie's bus never showing up! Another mom at the bus stop was nice enough to drive her to school,but that left poor Anna, resplendent in her new pink and silver dress, to be late for her first day of kindergarten!

After all of that confusion, the day seemed to just slowly chip at my nerves, with one little thing (and some bad news for Pete that was a bigger thing) after another. It was only one bad day smushed within a bunch of awesome ones, but sometimes, that's all it takes to send me into a funk.

I tend to be someone that is resistant to change- I like to have familiar things surrounding me. Even in my dating days, I was one of those girls who had long relationships. I always had a hard time moving on from one job to the next. I never believe things are over, even if it's long after the fat lady has sung.

Lately though, I find myself longing for change. I am looking forward to the newness that the next few months will bring to my life, and I find myself easing out of my old one with relative ease. Even at the end of a trying day I can be excited, because the day- icky as it was- is over and brings me a day closer to something new.

I am 99.9% sure that this post makes no sense at all, and I attribute it to my cranky-ass mood! For now, I am going to download some music from "Glee", get myhusband, who is asleep on the couch, into bed, and get ready for a new day tomorrow!!

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