"I'm still a rock star, I got my rock moves..."

A quickie tonight- sobbing over "The Biggest Loser" season premiere has left me spent! Well, the sobbing, and the continued cultivation of my girl-crush on Jillian!

Today was a pretty good day- the gals got off to school without a hitch, the weather was warm and breezy and lovely, and I enjoyed the afternoon with my husband along with an absolutely delicious 40 minute nap! It was a beautiful day, and thank goodness, since it's supposed to rain all week!

Rain works for me though, because it's been pouring for almost all of my pre-natal appointments, and they have all, thus far, been good! So I am hoping the rain will bring continued good luck for my appointment tomorrow, since I am going to do my glucose test, and get a RhoGam shot to combat my stupid negative blood type! So, loads of fun on tap for tomorrow,but it will all be worth it if PJ continues to be healthy!!

Keep my sister-in-law Shelly in your thoughts- she goes back to work tomorrow after the summer off, and in the days ahead will be facing some hard, hard things. So send her some good vibes.

And now? I'm off to bed!

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