"...I"m getting close, closer to the prize at the end of the rope"

In a rare turn of events, I am sad to see that it's Friday.

This week, I had a much-needed vacation from work, and what a sweet week it has been! I still have three more days off, but the end of this week feels like the white flag being waved at the end of a NASCAR race! It's time to pull the car over.

We began the week in Margate, since Pete was taking his NCLEX-RN Exam on Tuesday in Atlantic City. It made more sense for Pete to be in Margate, which is only 15 minutes from AC and allowed him to relax the day of the test, instead of having an hour drive there and back. Not that I can say he relaxed- he spent most of his time walking around the house, picking things up and putting them down again! But, he left to take his test and was gone for the afternoon,and I went to the beach, as you can see from my last post! :-)

Once he got back, all we could do was wait for the results, so Marla and Steve came down to meet us and we went to Maynard's for somefood, and stayed to play Trivia, which was a blast! And the boys had...a few beers. Ahem. Anyway, we spent the next day at the beach, then headed home!

We, managed to relax the next day, even though we knew the results would be posted that day! The only glitch was that the house we live in is being completely rewired,and the very sweet electricians that were here had to shut off power to different parts of the house, which included where we have our internet router connected! Thankfully, Pete was able to access the website from his phone, which displayed this on its screen:


Pete not only passed, but he passed in the least amount of questions required- you can take as few as 75 questions or as many as 265 to earn enough points to pass, and his computer shut him down at 75! He owned that test, and I could not be more proud of him!! Even if he's spent the time since trying to make his brains drip out of his ears by playing video games!!

Pete's passing aside, this week has been like a gift. Pete and I have had time together just to relax and be ourselves and enjoy each other- time that is usually far and few between. It makes me see the light at the end of the tunnel, that all of our hard work will soon come to hand over some rewards!

That, or we will bicker so much when we finally go create a baby registry tomorrow that we get divorced!

Either way? Best. Week. Ever!


I do what I want! said...

YAY! Congrats! what a smart man you have! I loved the pic of you and your belly on the beach :)

Ree said...

Congrats to both of you!!

Shelly said...

yay!!! awesome news brie! i'm so glad you also had a wonderful and relaxing week! we need those once in a while!! =) tell your husband i said, "hello nurse!!"