"Feel it on my fingertips, hear it on my windowpane..."

Ah, a cool, rainy Friday afternoon!

Of course, the rain would not be quite as attractive had I not had a surprise afternoon off, as I did today! With that surprise came the luxury of not having to go back out into the wet when it was time to pick up my girls, so I am enjoying it!

My first week of part-time work turned out to be busier then I thought it would be! Having less time to be at work allowed me to run errands and do things around the house! The last time I had a part-time job was when I was 18, but I seem to be falling into the routine with relative ease!

One thing I managed to do was go back and complete our baby registry! With the exception of a few minor items, I think we are pretty much set with a complete list of things we are wishing for! I had no idea how overwhelming it would be- I have worked with babies for years,and yet somehow, walked into the store and became a complete retard! But, for my second go-round, I made sure I was well-fed and took my time looking around! I'll run the list by a few experienced-mama friends of mine, but I think we did okay!!

I also got to spend some time with Pete. Right now he's still working nights, so for the longest time, we would only see each other in the mornings! Having the opportunity to come home and spend time with Pete has been wonderful! He has spent the week looking at job postings and re-writing his resume so it mentions that he is a licenced nurse! I am just praying that he will be able to find something in a reasonable amount of time- our finances are fine for now, but if our plan for me to stay home is going to work, Pete will need a nursing job! So be sure to keep your fingers crossed!

And now, I am going to complete my Friday by relaxing a bit more, then going out to meet my best girls at our favorite meeting spot! :-)

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