"So much to say..."

Anna has been letting lose with some absolute zingers lately, so I thought I should share:

"I want to be a police woman when I grow up, because they get to drive fast!"

(at the pool)"That's my nanny over there in the black dress. She doesn't have a bathing suit on because hers doesn't fit. But she's not fat.She's pregnant!"

(said very loudly in a quiet tea house)"If someone ever tried to get me,I'll kick him in the PENIS!"

"Brie, if the baby throws up in your belly, does that make you throw up?"

"Hey, pregnant lady. Don't pee in your SKORT!"

Ellie: "I can't wait to go to second grade and learn things!"
Anna: "I'm getting a bikini this weekend!"

Brie:(reaches for diet Coke)
Anna: "*tsk* Ba-ree! Babies are NOT supposed to have soda!"
Brie: ( puts soda back) Sigh...

"You can't swallow your gum when you have a baby in your belly, because babies that small are too young for gum!"

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I do what I want! said...

OMG these are hilarious! Just what I needed to brighten up my homework filled night! I miss being a nanny and hearing all of the funny things kids say. I can't wait until you have PJ. He is going to be so cute! I'm glad you're blogging again...I missed reading them!