"Home is just another word for you..."

Ahhhh...it's a relaxing Sunday night here at the Latini homestead! Pete is off at work, and I am laying on the couch, blogging and watching "Kendra" on E! as PJ kicks away inside of me! Well, let me rephrase, because I guess if Pete is working and PJ is kicking, I am the only Latini in this household that is truly relaxing!

Lucky me!

This was a weekend filled with fabulous-ness! What weekends are really made of! Friday night Pete and I headed to the movies to see "Harry Potter", which was...only okay. I am one of those picky readers who never likes the movie as much as the book! But, it was a night with Pete and even though I fell asleep towards the end of the movie (ahem...) it was nice to be together!

Saturday! There was no way I was going to fall asleep on Saturday night, because we were at the Elton John and Billy Joel concert at Citizens Bank Park! I had seen Elton twice before and Billy once, but to see them together for a night of amazing music was awesome!! Almost four hours of the songs that have meant to much so me my entire life! I kept telling PJ he was meeting his unofficial godfather's- Papa Elton and Uncle Billy! Everything about the night was perfection- my favorite performers, a cool breeze, a gorgeous view of Philadelphia, and my best boys in the stands with me! :-)

Today, Pete and I slept in! I slept until 10am, I haven't slept later then 8:30 in forever!! We relaxed this morning, had breakfast, and enjoyed the early afternoon storm! After that, I went over to Shelly's sweet friend Kathy's house! Kathy is an AMAZING friend to Shelly, one of Pete's high school crushes (!), and just a nice, sweet, stylish, wonderful person overall! When Kathy offered me the chance to lay claim to some of her maternity clothes (after I told her I coveted them and asked nicely if she felt like parting with any!) I jumped at the chance!! And now, thanks to Kathy, I have a full closet of maternity wear...and sent a big pile off to another of Shelly's friends...and set some stuff aside for a pregnant girlfriend of mine...and still have a bunch of stuff left over! Holy cow!! I guess that's what happens if you have three gorgeous sons like Kathy does- you build up quite a collection!!! And all joking aside, I could not be more thankful!

To wind up the evening, I had dinner with Shelly and the gals at Buca de Beppo (sooooooooo yummy!), and Shel helped me go through all of Kathy's clothes while Riley and Emilia tried on all of my shoes! Trust me, really, if you had seen the massive amount of clothes Kathy gave me, you'd need help too. Since the only help Pete can offer while trying on clothes is a vague "Huh? Oh, yeah, you look hot...", it was nice to have Shelly to voice her opinion!!

And now, here I am, the clinging to the last shreds of Sunday while I blog and watch "Chelsea, Lately"! Hope your weekend was a wonderful!!!

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