"When I'm goin' to the movies, I take up seven rows..."

I stopped by our local Destination Maternity today- I was in desperate need of a bathing suit! I had thought an old one of mine would fit, but not so much! Pregnancy has left me not only with a smallish baby bump, but with gigantic boobs.The combination makes for some difficult clothing decisions!

Now I am not the skinniest of girls. I used to be. Not so much anymore! In fact, when I found out I was pregnant, I was on Weight Watchers and had lost 11 pounds, with my goal being 25!

So much for that! The weight gain is well worth it, but still....

Anyway,so my inner monologue says "I'm not really fat, per se! I'm pregnant! These suits should fit me, no problem!"

Fast forward to me, in the dressing room, tons of adorable suits in the reject pile because I was Just. Too. Big. For. Them. And too big even for the "Large" sizes! I just started my 18th week of pregnancy!!

So this is the suit I got! And it's not that cute in person- or at least on me! I call it the Mumu Suit! I mean, who is supposed to fit in those cute suits? Heidi Klume? It was kind of a bummer!

Don't get me wrong- I am loving the things my body is doing right now! The more my belly takes shape, the more I dream about the little person growing inside! And yeah, I have giant porno boobs right now, but in a few months, they are going to provide nourishment to another human (although the bigger they get the more I think it's a shame I'm not having multiples!)! Pete and I have done alot of things together, but there is a bonafide creation going on in there!

That said, when it comes down to it, I'm a chick. And it's no fun when you can't fit into the cute clothes!

That's my rant! The end!

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