"Sun is in the sky oh why, oh why would I wanna be anywhere else?"

Today was another gorgeous day!

Sadly, we spent part of it couch shopping. Again. Pete and I have been looking for living room furniture since we got married. We have had the WORST time coming to a consensus on what couch we want, and since we are both Tauruses, we are both right about every couch we see!

Thankfully, I think we finally hit gold, and will be purchasing a couch within the next few days. It could not come any sooner, because I am fully tired of this stupid futon we have in our living room! Even my college apartment had a real couch in it!

Finding a couch was a high point of my long weekend, and another high point is that I seem to be starting to feel alot better! I had been having terrible nausea at night, and it seems to be getting better. It's just about 10pm now, and two weeks ago I would be gagging my head off if I attempted to stay up this late! It's so nice to know that I might be turning the corner of feeling crappy! Of course, I might be entering another yucky phase- who knows! Thank goodness that this is all worth it in the end!! And my second trimester- when you are supposed to feel your best- falls right in the summer, so I will be able to enjoy this time!

For now, tomorrow is the last day of my long weekend, and I can't wait to spend it with Pete and my family!! I hope everyone has been able to enjoy this wonderful weekend!

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