"I got the month of May..."

Oh, long weekend! You are such a tender lover!

I have to say it again- although I really miss my job at WCRH, I am truly enjoying having my weekends to myself! We could certainly use the money, but especially now, the rest and relaxation is proving to be invaluable!

Today was the first day of a long weekend, and it turned out to be a truly lovely day! Pete and I slept in and relaxed this morning, which in and of itself was sooooo nice! With everything that has been going on- Pete needing to study for finals, take his tests, complete his clinical (which were overnight shifts and made him completely nocturnal for three weeks) and get ready to graduate- we have been like two ships in the night! Which is not completely unusual for us (Really. It's not. How the two of us actually managed to make a baby is kind of astounding!) but a bummer all the same!

I digress.

We headed off to Ikea for a sofa scouting mission (Yes, we still do not have a friggin' couch!) that turned out to be a bust, so we came back home and strolled over to the Collingswood May Fair! It is an outdoor event, with all of the local vendors setting up stands for shopping, TONS of food, lots of bands and general fun! It was warm today, but there was a breeze and a sunny sky, and it was such a fun way to spend an afternoon! I couldn't help looking at people with babies and thinking "We'll have a baby at May Fair next year!"

We came back home, and after a quick nap, Pete headed off to work and I have been enjoying a lazy night! I am so excited to think that I have two more days of this!!!

Oh, long weekend! How I adore you!!

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I do what I want! said...

I'm so glad you are back to blogging again! I have missed hearing your stories and about your life! AND omg!!! you're pregnant!!! I am so freaking excited for you.....I cannot wait to see baby pics and hear cute little baby stories! Did I mention I'm glad your blogging again? haha
Hope all is well and the pregnancy sickness goes away soon! Hang in there it will all be worth it!