"There are luxuries we can't afford, but in our house we never get bored..."

Not less then an hour ago, I was theorizing that the big snow storm we were expecting was going to be a bust.

Well, it's coming down now, so I guess I'd better eat my words!

Today was a fairly lazy Saturday- I have not been feeling very well due to this crazy up and down weather. My sinuses are in a little bit of an uproar, but now that it's getting cold again it should settle down! I just kind of puttered about, doing laundry and some vacuuming so as not to feel like a total slug! It's not often I have an entire weekend off, so it's easy to be completely lazy when I have nothing to do!

Marla, Steve, Pete and I all got together with my parents for dinner at their place, where we celebrated Marla and Steve's first wedding anniversary! I can't believe how fast a year has flown by, with all of the good and the bad that came along with it. Tonight though, I was just so grateful to have my family with me, celebrating such a fun occasion!

And what better way to celebrate then with some Key Lime Pie?



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