"I'm so sane, it's driving me crazy..."

I am starting to reconsider my work ethic.

I usually work seven days a week- I have had a part-time job at Weisman Children's Rehabilitation Hospital for well over 4 years now, and I spend almost every weekend working in the playroom. The job is a great gig- it's a fun job for someone who likes to play game, hold babies, hang out with kids, and talk with funny people! It's a job that allows me to exercise my caring and creative sides and I really enjoy it! I have fun at work and have the luxury of extra money when I need it.

In fact, I spent all day there yesterday, hugging babies and trying NOT to get into a power struggle with a cranky teen! Ugh, I think all teenage boys should be put into Tupperware and not allowed out until they are twenty-five. At least, that's how I felt yesterday. :-P I usually really enjoy having teen patients on the floor!

Today was a day off for me- something I have been trying to do with more frequency. That past few months have really worn me down. I am trying so hard to put myself back together, and I really feel like plain old REST is a big tool in my put-myself-together arsenal! That and eating right, losing weight, exercise, moisturizing every night, and more sex with my husband.

Ooops. Who said that? Ahem...

Back to my day off. I almost had a heart attack when I woke up at 10:30 this morning- thanks daylight savings! Frig. Anyway, I hopped out of bed and enjoyed my new favorite food, Arnold Sandwich Thins! YUM! I started the many, many loads of laundry I would do today and just tried to straighten up in general! Thank goodness Shelly texted me so we could conspire to go to the Container Store, where I purchased a giant box of hangers! We also walked around the mall, where I did not shop, did enjoy a coffee, and continually kicked myself for not being in good enough shape to wear all of the cute things they have at Old Navy! Humph.

Back home, I did more laundry and cleaned up the kitchen, and when Pete came home we had dinner together (something we are trying to do with more frequency and that I really, really love)! Thanks to all of the fun recipes on the WW web site, dinner was really good and well within my points limits! I have been losing weight in small amounts and at a very gradual pace, and now I am REALLY feeling ready to kick it into gear!

After dinner, I started transferring all of my clothes to the new hangers while I enjoyed the season finale of VH1's Tool Academy (God, I love crap TV!). And thanks to my diligent work, my closet is starting to look much, much better! Yay matching hangers!

This was not, by any stretch of the imagination, what you would call an exciting day. But it was exceedingly pleasant, and it makes me wonder if my days of working 7 days a week should come to a close. It's not a decision I'll make lightly- right now,Pete is still in school and I am very, very lucky to have two jobs that allow us to pay almost all of our bills. The money has been great to have,and I have been very blessed in my job at WCRH. Leaving that job would no doubt weigh very heavy on me. Still, taking time for me is proving to be invaluable, so I can't help but wonder...

Sigh. Thank GOD I have this blog to think out loud on!


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