"If I had $1,000,000 we wouldn't have to eat Kraft Dinner..."

I think that I have never been happier to be married to my husband then I am tonight!

Pete took the time to make amazing dinner plans at POD Restaurant in Philadelphia, picked up his dinner partner right on time, treated her to a fantastic dinner with fun ambiance and delicious food, and most importantly made his date feel so special!

Oh, his date wasn't me. I was at the Pop Shop with some of my best little gals celebrating the 2nd birthday of my good friend Randi's daughter Gabrielle!

His date was our niece and his Godchild, Riley!

Okay, let me back up a bit. Riley turned 5 back on February 17th, and her birthday party was the week after! Pete has clinical on Saturdays, so he couldn't make it to the party. Not that missing three hours of screaming kids jacked up on sugar made him all that upset! That said, Pete takes his Godfather duties very seriously. He's Riley and Carl's Godfather and he always makes sure he does a little extra for them both. He promised Ry that they would do something special, just the two of them, and she asked to go out to dinner.

Well, the idea of a "date" with Uncle Pete and Riley sent us all into a tizzy! Marla and I made sure she got a special outfit for her birthday, and she even went to Sweet and Sassy and got a special hairdo, manicure, and makeup! Her glittery up-do even smelled like cotton candy instead of the usual hairspray smell!

Seriously, so you have a cavity from the sweetness yet? I'd advise you to grab the dental floss now, because it just gets cuter!

We were all already at Shelly's when Pete came by to pick up his date- like I mentioned, we were all meeting Randi and her girls at the Pop Shop. Riley was so, so excited, she could hardly contain herself- she was just glowing! And not in a romantic way (you pervs!), but in the way only a girl who feels like the most special girl EVER can glow. Riley, like any other kid, loves presents and goodies and stuff. But more then anything- maybe because she is a middle child?-Riley just wants to be with you!

They hopped into the car and jetted off to Philadelphia! POD is a very sleek, fun, colorful place,and Riley loved it! Of course, they must have spent a million dollars on decor, and according to Pete, Ry loved the giant TV! She munched on crab and chicken rolls, sushi (I kid you not, she loves it!), and some yummy looking desserts! But the thing that kills me- look at her face:

She just looks so happy! Our Riley-roo (along with her mom and sisters,of course) had had her tiny little 5 year old self put through the ringer. Last year for Riley's birthday, they celebrated in the hospital. A year later, Greg is gone, and these beautiful girls are here without their father. I would move the WORLD for those girls, and it's something we can never make better.

Tonight though, the hot guy who is now passed out on the couch while I blog gave her a special night to remember, and he just became that much more special to me.

I love him!


I do what I want! said...

This is such a cute story! What a great man you have in your life to do something like that and what an adorable little girl! I'm sure she will never ever forget that night. She even wore a new outfit and got her hair done...that is the sweetest! Isn't it amazing how little kids can steal your heart? Tell your hubby how amazing he is!

Ree said...

This was awesome!! How wonderful that Pete did that!! Now that Greg is gone , the girls will need a male figure in their life and I think Pete is perfect for the part!! It certainly breaks my heart to think of Greg's girls to be going thru all this w/o him!! How lucky and blessed they are to have you guys!!

April said...

unbelievably adorable. what a great husband you have. and a great father figure to riley!

The Redhead Riter said...

That is such a sweet story! You are such a lucky lady!!!!

Jenn said...

Aww! Bart's idea of doing something cute for Grace is getting our basketball or hockey tickets close to the dancers so she can dance with them. I think we both know it's not for Grace, but she loves it.