"I just saw Haley's Comet, she waved. Said 'Why are you always running in place?'..."

Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyyy....soooooooo tiiiiiired!

This fitness stuff is for the birds, seriously! Thankfully, I have progress on my side to make me feel better! I can run for longer lengths of time and I am keeping up with my Favorite Fitness Wench with a little more ease! I just feel like my body was put through the wringer!

Today was a lovely Tuesday! I got the gals off the school and went to the gym! Go, me. After lunch, I took Anna and Emily the dog to the playground, where the sun shone down on us and kept us warm! It felt so good to be outside and enjoying the fresh air! Anna made some new friends and had a blast playing!

Later on, once Ellie was home, we had some special dinner guests! Randi came over with her gals, Natalie and Gabi, to enjoy a special St. Patrick's Day dinner! Green was the theme and the gals had a blast!

And now, here I am at home, with sore abs and eyes at half-mast, so off I go to bed!

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I do what I want! said...

I'm so proud of you for keeping up with the fitness wench haha! I just started going back to the gym this week and it is KILLING me also haha! Keep it up!