"Better then the first time, better then the worst time, if I could just reverse time I'd be set..."

Oh, my word! I haven't blogged in two days!

That's the longest I have gone in quite a while, ever since I started Project 360. I have faithfully hauled my camera and diligently tapped out my happenings on the keyboard! More important, I have truly grown to enjoy blogging- it's like free therapy! So two days off are kind of a big deal for me now.

Thursday night I was honestly so tired that I could not focus enough to write! I watched my TV shows in a cloudy haze and stumbled off to bed, where I fell asleep as soon as I stopped moving and did not wake up until my alarm went off. For someone who in general, sleeps as poorly as I do, it was....awesome!

Friday, I was at work all day, and then that night took my sweet friend Michelle out to Redstone Grill to celebrate her 30th birthday! We had such a great time- dinner was awesome and Redstone is a great place in general- the fire pit in the outdoor bar was a nice touch! My high point- the fondue appetizer! Ohhhhh....that was good! I never thought I would like grapes dipped in cheese, but I am very glad I expanded my horizons! And even better, got to celebrate 30 years of an absolutely wonderful girl!

After I dropped off Michelle, I got a text from my funny, sweet friend Lisa, who was at a bar just around the corner from my place with a bunch of people from the theatre group I used to do shows with! I would normally turn down as offer to meet up- it was getting late and I was tired and...well, I'm lame. But, I stopped by to say hello and I am so glad I did- it was SOOO good to see everyone!

When my alarm went off this morning, I was having a teeny bit of regret for staying out so late, since I had a ten hour shift at the hospital ahead of me! Today was a LOOOOOOONG day- we have a very low census, so it makes for a boring day. I was VERY happy to get home! Pete and I decided to walk through Collingswood and had dinner at a sushi place right around the corner from our place. I have tried sushi a number of times and just didn't like it, but I gave it one more shot tonight and it was AWESOME!

And now, I need to turn the clocks forward an hour- I think springtime daylight savings is my least favorite day of the year! Why I need to give up a perfectly good hour of sleep is beyond me!


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Shelly said...

daylight savings time = barf

dinner out with brie = yay!

i had a wonderful time! thanks for keeping me out past my bed time =)