"Anyway it looks like no one heard me, so here I go..."

Oh, what an eventful two days it has been!

Well, one eventful day and one lazy day, to be truthful. I spent all of today being a lazy bum, and as I told an old friend from high school, "I feel like a combination of a slug and Lance Armstrong- lazy but victorious!".

Go, me.

Yesterday was an eventful day. In the morning, one of Mom-Mom's doctors (an extremely nice cardiologist) was nice enough to give me a call and bring me up to speed on what, in his opinion, is going on with Mom-Mom and what the best course of action might be. He managed to be extremely hopeful and extremely truthful at the same time, which was much appreciated. The next step is to speak with her other doctor and try to get everyone on the same page.

I find it so surreal that it's even necessary to step up and handle Mom-mom's health in this way. A few years ago, even at age 70, she could have handled ALL of our needs simultaneously, without a hair in her very large hairdo falling out of place.

The doctor called while I was at Panera, drinking a coffee and trying to uh, get things moving along intestine-wise before my Weight Watchers meeting. Okay, I was hoping I would poop before I got weighed. I'm not proud of it, but that's how it is. I was not successful in my mission, but it turned out okay- I lost a decent amount of weight for the week and I was happy with myself! All that work with my new toy must be paying off! This is a picture of me on the scale at WW- more daunting then it looks! I have a heart attack every time I step on it, but so far, it's been kind and reflective of all of my work!

After the meeting, I picked up Anna from school and to her delight, we stopped to pick up Riley and headed over to the Oaklyn Fire Hall to help Pete and the other fireman decorate and set up for that nights St. Patty's Day party! The girls had a blast running around and being fussed over by the fireman, and, as always, were so happy to be together! When it was time to go home, Anna hugged Ry and said "Bye, best friend!". So cute!

Sadly, while I was transforming the firehall with green, white and orange crepe paper, I got a call from my boss at WCRH. I have been aware of cutbacks at the hospital- a good friend was laid off just the day before- so it was not a shock when she told me that it wasn't likely that I would be getting any hours for a long, long time. Essentially, I've been laid off.

I know I have been contemplating how much longer I was going to carry two jobs, but as stretched out as I had been feeling lately, I was hoping to keep both jobs going through the summer, so we could put a decent amount of money away before we start trying for a baby. If I was going to leave that job, I wanted to be in control of my departure, not have it yanked out from under me by a sucky economy. The news has caused a minor-to-moderate panic attack, hoping that our financial situation will be okay.

As Homer Simpson once sagely quoted, "Here's to alcohol, the cause of—and solution to—all life's problems". I followed this excellent advice by attending the above-mentioned St. Patty's Day party, which benefited the Oaklyn Fire Department! Marla and Steve even came out to join in the festivities! The party was a success and we all had a blast in our green! The party itself was Pete's project, so it felt good to see all of his hard work come to fruition- everyone having a blast and earning money for the fire department! I made sure I contributed not only in my attendance, but in my beer consumption! Which was, uh...two beers, but that's actually alot for me!

Today can be summed up a little more succinctly. Slept late, did nothing, took a nap, did nothing some more, updated my Facebook status between bouts of nothing, and did laundry. It was a full day of doing nothing. In fact, I don't even have a picture for today, because what on earth would I have taken a picture of?

Tomorrow is my last day at the hospital for a while, but it will still be a long one, so it is time to bid you adieu!

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