"Yesterday is right behind me like a loaded gun..."

"Monday again?", she whined.

Not that it should really feel like a Monday, since I worked right through the weekend, it should all just blend together! But there's something about a Monday that is so....Monday-y. It's just a flavor to the day, no matter what the days surrounding it might be like! I always feel a little off my game on Monday's!

Thankfully, today was really pretty good!The morning was quiet and then our friends Michelle, Amelie and Maeve came over for a playdate! With most of Anna's friend in school now, it's been a while since we've had a really fun, friendly, make-a-big-mess-in-the-playroom playdate, so we were all very happy campers! Anna and Amelie played the day away, Maeve re-arranged the magnets on the fridge, and Michelle and I were able to wax poetic about Weight Watchers, babies, Gossip Girl, The Office, and tragic wedding gowns! I have known Michelle for a long time now- as long as I have known Pete, Shelly, Greg and all of my Archway friends! But it's just been in the past year or so that we have had the opportunity to re-connect and it's been so much fun! I always enjoy a great friend!!

I also spoke to Mom-Mom today, she seemed to be having a pretty good day! She was telling my that her physical therapist is "hot" and that she found getting pregnant "really easy- you'll be just like me!". I worry so much, because unless she's getting PT or going to an appointment, she stays in bed. The blockages in her legs are bad enough without adding a completely sedentary lifestyle in to boot, so I wish I could find some way to motivate her to move a bit more. She's just so...sad, I guess? I don't know. Tired? I can't put my finger on it. Sigh...

While I hate to blog more about my WW experience, it's what's on my mind lately! Today was another good day- no slip ups yet! Work is a big, BIG trigger for eating- either out of boredom, temptation from the kids food, or the biggie, emotional eating. So if I made it through on a Monday, I will go right on ahead and take it as a sign that this will work out okay! The weight is not going to fall off all at once, so I just need to enjoy the little victories!


Ree said...

Congrats on the good start with WW!! I started working out again today. Soooo sore!!! I'm sure you'll stick through just fine!! And it is alot easier to do that knowing that you have that weekly weigh -in!! Besy wishes to you!!

Shelly said...

thanks so much for letting us make a mess at your place--tee hee! and i hope poor emily's bowl has recovered from maeve's "discovery" of it.
i'm still praying for your grandmother--i hope she continues to improve!
that picture of the girls is so sweet--love it (and stealing it =)