"Though sometimes I stammer and mix up my grammer, you get what my meanings are..."

I think Friday might very well be the best day of the week! Or, at least today was the best day of this week so far!

My WW meeting went well! I didn't lose a ton, just a pound and a half, but I was still down and that's all that matters! Since I am getting my period, and feeling bloated for sure, I am pretty happy that I lost anything! I am thinking that maybe getting back to the gym this week helped to combat some of my usual PMS symptoms and allowed me to still lose a bit! Now if only the gym could keep me from becoming a complete psycho bitch a little cranky during that time! ;-)

Anna and I got to enjoy another Friday lunch with Randi! Even though Anna was a little off today (I think she was tired from the excitement of having her grandparents there for a visit) we all enjoyed some yummy food at the Silver Diner!

I still did not manage to get a picture of Ellie today, but it was for a great reason- I got done work before she got home from school! Not that it was great that I didn't see her, just that I got to go home.

You know what I mean.

It's very rare that I get less then a 10-12 hour workday, so to be home by 4pm was a very rare treat! I actually got to spend some time with Pete before he left for work! Amazing!

After he headed off to work, I stopped at the market to grab some snacks and then I headed over to Shelly's! We played a cooking game on their Wii (it was disturbing to know I cook just as bad in virtual reality as I do in REAL reality) and then tucked everyone into bed! Once all of the Trefz gals were in bed, Shel and I broke out the veggies, hummus, and Arnold's flatbread (Michelle, you have GOT to thank Janet for giving me the tip on that stuff- it is AWESOME!) and watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", which was hysterical!

Now, it's off to bed, but not before I share this picture of all of the different types of Brie they had at Super Fresh:

But, ahem...we all know there's only one REAL Brie. And she is off to sleep!

(Yes, another BNL quote. I have been listening to them non-stop since the announcement!)

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Shelly said...

was it cooking mama? steve and i play that game ALL the time! we love wii cooking--much more fun than actual cooking!