"There's still so much to learn, so many dream to earn. But even if I crash and burn ten times a day, I think I'm here to stay..."

Today was a pretty long, drawn-out, boring day! I was at WCRH today and with only five patients on the floor, there isn't a whole lot to do! Even with some of the patients being somewhat demanding, the day just draaaaaaaaaged!

It helped a little that today was the official start of my Weight Watchers campaign! I was able to amuse myself by looking up point values with one hand while I rocked babies with the other! My co-worker asked if I minded having to read labels so much, but it actually speaks to the OCD in me. It's just getting my OCD to trump my lack of willpower that's the problem! But, I made it through day one, and that's the first step!

I know that my lack of motivation/feelings of crankiness/annoyance at other drivers/insert-other-random-malaise-HERE have been a central theme of this blog for the past few months. I am starting by doing something about my weight, and hopefully, I will be ready to tackle some of the other issues soon. I feel like it's finally time to dig my way out of this hole I have buried myself in and remember that I still have a whole world in front of me, and I want to be in a place where I can fully savor each and every day. To take to heart the big stuff and let the small stuff roll. To accept that I am not perfect and WORK with what I've got instead of giving up.

So, as always, thank for hanging in there with me! :-)

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Shelly said...

aw, you're my favorite! good for you! oh, and any extra motivation you pick up along the way you could feel free to send over to me! ha!