"There are moments when I don't know if it's real, or if anybody feels the way I feel. I need inspiration..."

Yay! It's Friday night! Not that I am doing anything to wild and crazy, and Pete's not even here- he's at work! But, I am relaxing with my cat, blogging, and watching the Today show that I DVR'ed so I could see the interview with the mother of the octupletts! She had 6 children already before she had these eight! Oy. Can you imagine more then doubling the amount of children you have in one pregnancy...when you started with six??? Oyyyyy.....

So while my uterus contacts at the mere thought of thought of eight babies bouncing around in there...

My Friday was quite the busy one! I got to to work in time to get my little chickens all cuted up for the cold day, and after I got them off to school and came back to supervise the entrance of the cleaning people and the carpenter, I headed off to Weight Watchers with a supportive friend to join. My most successful weight loss was when I was going to meetings, so I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. Getting on the scale for that first weigh in was tough,but hopefully, my deep fear of ridicule and embarrassment will keep the Ho-ho's out of my mouth. I just need to remember that now, I have someone to face when I get on the scale.

Anna and I had lunch with Pete and my cousinIL* Michael. Michael is a great guy and is going paint our apartment for us! Yay! Michael, if I do say so myself, is a very handsome kid and was the talk of all the girls at our wedding!! He's hoping to join the carpenters union, so we thought we'd throw some work his way. Not to mention the fact that we sure as hell don't have the time to paint! So it's a win-win! I think if Anna had not been so tired today, her flirting game would have been a little more on point- she was slacking today! :-)

After I picked up Ellie-belly from the bus, we went on a birthday shopping expedition! The gals mom and their aunt share a birthday, which was actually last week! But their mom had been out of town, so today was our first chance to celebrate! My chickens are REALLY into birthday, so we threw a little impromptu surprise party! The gals thought it was hysterical that they got to "kick" the adults out of the kitchen while we set everything up! And shopping for gifts was fun- the girls are really getting excellent taste!! Oh, it was also Emily the dog's birthday. She got Milk Bones!

One thing I indulged in today was a book for myself (shock, right?). When I first saw it I was too embarrassed to buy it, but today, I really wanted the laugh, so I bought it, even though the lady at the register looked at me like I had eight heads. The book is called Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals and even though it's completely twisted, it's really, really freakin' funny!

And in related news, sometimes, I scare myself with the things I think are funny.

Anyway, it's time to wrap it up for tonight! I need to convince Pete that we do NOT need to be watching "Pearl Harbor"- this movie is a piece of crap! Here's a picture of Pete doing a re-enactment of every time he tries to take a picture of me:


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