"So please forgive these few brief awkward lines..."

Can you believe this weather?

Snow was already falling when I woke up this morning and is still falling steadily right now! The flake size has varied, but it hasn't stopped once, and at this point, it's starting to accumulate! I'm rooting for a snow day for the folks I know would enjoy one, but personally...I hope the roads are nice and clear in the morning! :-)

Either way, I get to sleep in tomorrow morning, since my gals mom will be spending the morning with them! And thank goodness- today was a LOOOONG day. Thankfully, the day wasn't bad, just slooooooooow.

Still, it was hard not to feel restful and peaceful when I would glance out the window and see the snowflakes falling. It may suck to drive in it, but when you can just sit and watch the snowfall, it's such a treat!

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