"Running, running as fast as we can. Do you think we'll make it?"

Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Not that it's...you know...snowing anymore. But, thanks to the snow, Pete's clinical was cancelled this morning! I did not have to be with the gals until late morning, so we got to spend the morning together! Since time together can be scarce, this was a welcome treat!

Today was a super busy day with my gals! They both have dance/gymnastics classes, and joining Anna this semester is my niece Riley. So today, I picked up Ry, met Anna, her mom, and the rest of our dance crew at The Little Gym. We all went to lunch, and then took Ry back home! After the girls hung out for a bit, Anna and I headed back to the gals house to pick Ellie up from school, then headed right back to The Little Gym for Ellie's class! After, the gals and I met up with my mom and dad for a quick bite, and then I took the girls back home! It was one of those days when I felt like I was in my car all day! And when I finally got home and wanted to settle down and blog for a bit, well...Gordie has other plans! She muscled her furry little self into my lap, so I stopped to pay her some attention!

We did make one quick stop at Barnes and Noble (sigh...I really have a problem) and I could not resist picking up this book! Pepe was always a favorite Muppet of mine- I mean, how could he not be? Who can resists a big shrimp with such swagger and such a way with words? So, I plunked my money down and had a laugh reading the advice of Pepe! And for shrimp king prawn, Pepe has some sage advice:

Life Choices
Life is a party.
Don't be the piƱata.

What The Mens Don't Understand About the Womens

What The Womens Don't Understand About the Mens

Why Families Matter
They say it takes a village. But when the village kicks you out, only family takes you in, okay.

Well, really. Have truer words ever been spoken (by a prawn?)

Enjoy this clip of Pepe on The Bonnie Hunt Show by clicking HERE!!!!

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