"In a locked and guarded vault, are the things I keep only for myself..."

I am a crappy nanny and did not, as promised, snap a picture of Ellie today. There was a whirlwind of activity when she came home from school- homework, showers, dinner- so the gals could be free of obligation and able to enjoy an evening with their grandparents, who are in town for a night on their way to Florida. By the time I realized I forgot to get a shot of poor Ellie, I was...well, I was home. So I will try, try again tomorrow!

Instead, you will have to make do with this:

This picture is symbolic because while I do have a bowl of conversation hearts next to a picture of us on my end table, we have not have an actual, in-person conversation in almost a week. Oh, the lives of a married nanny wife and a nursing student/EMT/volunteer fireman/pizza dude.

Tomorrow is my third weigh-in, but as I am getting PMS, I may need to hope for a limb to fall off in the night to experience any weight loss. As long as I don't gain, though, I'll be happy. There's nothing I can do about the Joys of Womanhood, so I won't let myself get all hysterical!

Now, it's bedtime!

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I do what I want! said...

oh how I hate PMS! Life would be so much easier if we didn't go through that each month! Good luck at your weigh in...I'm hoping for good news!