"I want to tell if I am or am not myself..."

I missed a blog day yesterday!

And I feel ashamed, but after a day of work, all I wanted to do was hang out with Pete for a bit before we both went to bed early.

No euphemisms there. We actually went to sleep. We're not really Valentines Day people!

Today Pete had to work again so I enjoyed a day out with a few of my best girls, Marla, Carmen, and Genesis! We made a trip out to King of Prussia Mall to shop and ogle the expensive stores! We all just about had a fit in the Betsey Johnson- we pinky swore that if we ever won the lottery we'd come back and buy each of us a dress! I was salivating over this cute yellow rose number, but with a price tag of $415.00, I had to walk away. I also almost bought a pair of shoes, but they smallest size they had was a 6 and they were too big. Stupid tiny feet.

Now this is the part when I write something obnoxious and you all love me anyway: I had a great afternoon with the girls, and enjoyed every second of it! That said...well, it was kind of hard being feeling like the uggo amongst my gorgeous sister and friends! I know I am kind of going through a self-loathing period because I am unhappy with my weight. Nine times out of ten, I don't even really think of it in comparison to other people. Today, though, trailing around after all of those hotties...yipes. Tomorrow, I'll be over myself and feel normal again! :-

I get to enjoy two days off coming up! I am really, really excited for the break! For one thing, I feel like I am getting sick, so it will be nice to have a few days to catch up on some sleep! This week, I also plan on getting back to the gym. I had a good weigh in on Friday at WW, so I figure if I add in the gym, I should be able to lose a little more then just dieting. Despite my feelings today, I refuse to get all hysterical about dieting. I'll just follow the WW guidelines and it will come off as it may.

To finish, on the way to the mall today, we passed a water tower that had a Christmas tree on top! It was so random I had to take a picture! Thank goodness we were in traffic! On the way home, the tree was lit! Sadly, we were going too fast to slow down, so you will have to settle for this daytime picture of the Random Water Tower Christmas Tree!

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I do what I want! said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. Sounds like you had a fun day shopping with the girls. I can't believe you think you are an ugg because to tell you the truth every time I come to your blog and see your pics up top I think "she is so pretty."
I know it is hard to think that somedays but that is when you need to say it the most. Every morning from now on I want you to wake up and look in the mirror and say "Good morning beautiful" because that is what you are :)