"I got my hands on a miracle..."

Well, well, well! Will miracles ever cease?

I needed a few tiny ones to remind me that life is okay after all, and I managed to get them today!

First, I got out of bed on time, took a hot shower, put deodorant on and got dressed. Believe me, that was a miracle.

I got my gals cuted up and off to school with minimal cussing under my breath. Also a miracle.

I headed off to my WW meeting (sans my wonderful WW buddy who could not make it) and as it turns out, I lost some more weight after all! I was dreading stepping on the scale, prepared to move on if I was disappointed, but instead, I didn't need to be.


I got to enjoy lunch with Anna, Randi, and the wee Mr. Rappaport brewing away inside of her! Ever since I started this job, I have been blessed to be able to spend alot of time with Randi and her girls, since she works from home. Sometimes, just meeting up with her for lunch offers more support then one would think possible! How lucky are we all to have friends to offer us so much with something as little as lunch?

I didn't strangle Anna when I found that she had pocketed the cherries from her dessert in her cheek, instead of chewing and swallowing them like a normal person! That. Really. Was. A. Miracle.


After Ellie came home from school, we had a great time getting showers and into PJ's to have a Pajama Party! It was really my scheme to get two tired little girls settled down early for bed, but whatever. I have all kinds of nanny tricks up stored away!

We had so much fun making a Macaroni and Cheese Pizza, just like the one Anna had at Peace a Pizza yesterday. I kind of pulled the idea of a recipe out of my butt, but to my great surprise, it tasted really good! Pre-made pizza crust, brushed with olive oil, then a layer of ricotta cheese. Add cooked ziti pasta with cheese sauce, then sprinkle with a cheddar/jack mix of shredded cheese. Bake at 425 for 10-12 minutes and voila! Carb-heavy deliciousness! And trust me, for a kitchen adventure that I spearheaded to turn out well is truly a miracle!

And now, after a night of shopping for my niece Riley's birthday party tomorrow, I am home, blogging, and watching Apollo 13 for the nine-trillionth time! What kills me is that I always cry at the end, even though I know damn well they land safely! Oh, my God, the part when they get back to Earth safely and Gene Kranz (Ed Harris) just sits down and busts into tears? Oh,please. But, any excuse to gaze upon the hotness that is Gary Sinise! Feel free to gaze upon his hotness a little yourself. You're welcome.

When I am done, I will get into my own PJ's, get in bed with one of my book in my hands and my husband beside me and my cat howling at the door because she wants in. I will be surrounded by love, and that, really, truly, is a miracle!

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