"But you'll never see the end of the road while you're travelling with me..."

Today was a quiet day for me, just me and my sinuses for almost the entire day!
I had a pretty full day planned- a family christening, a cooking class, and the Super Bowl! But after having sinus pain and that getting-sick-burning in my nose and throat for the past few days, I figured staying home from the christening would be the better plan. No sense spreading my germs! Especially when I can save them for Pete (evil cackle!)!

My plan was thwarted, however, when I tried to cancel my cooking class and found out I would have to forfeit my payment! Um, no way! So I hauled my little Jewish ass and my yucky sinuses and drove over to Sur le Table to learn how to make some Winter Soups and Breads!

Sinuses aside, the class was really alot of fun! I learned how to make an amazing sourdough bread from scratch (seriously, to DIE for!!) and a New England clam chowder that left me speechless! We also made a minestrone, a bean soup, and dinner rolls! It was all much easier then I expected! I got use a Wustof knife (but it wasn't a paring knife, Mar!)! And one of those thingies you use to scrape stuff off the table! And wear an apron!

One slight problem- I was chopping up an onion and my eyes just started pouring tears! I had never had that happen before! I may not be much a cook, but I have chopped up a few onions in my time, I mean, for God's sake? What else would I put on my lox? But for some reason, these onions really got to me and before I knew it, it looked like I was watching "Steel Magnolia's!".
I kept having to walk away from the table to wipe my eyes! Leave it to me to be the slow kid in cooking class.

I was also the only person in the class to giggle when he said he was using a Dutch Oven to cook the bean soup in. Hee, hee, hee! Dutch oven!

At any rate, the class was a blast and I can't wait to make some bread with my Martha Stewart Mixer (aka my Kitchenaid!)!

Now I am at home, watching the Super Bowl...commercials, doing laundry, and downing Advil to try and relieve the pain in my sinuses! I can't believe it's already the 1st day of February- before we know it, springtime will be upon us! It's just amazing the way that time flies by!

If you think of it, keep my sister(IL) Shelly in your thoughts- she's going back to work tomorrow after taking some time off from work. The whole time Greg was sick, Shel was a superwoman. She took care of Greg, took care of her gals, took care of her students. She really needed some time to take care of her, and I am so, so glad she did! But it'll be weird, getting back into her old routine in this new way- without Greg- so keep her in your thoughts.

And in case you were wondering, a REAL Dutch Oven is below (the yellow pot):


I do what I want! said...

have you ever heard of a thing called a neti pot? It is to relieve sinus pain and pressure and it works miracles let me tell ya! You can get them at like Walgreens (not sure if you have that there) or like a organic food store like whole foods.
It looks like a mini tea pot that you would have tea parties with but you put warm water and salt stuff in it and pour it in one nostril and out the other! sounds super scary but once you get used to it after 2 or 3 times it is so easy and helps so much!

Ree said...

Oh dear I so FEEL your pain!! No I REALLY FEEL your pain...I am having the same sinus issues!! The burning...the pressure...the pain...I just want to take my head clear off my body!! Hope you feel better soon!!