"But even the sturdiest ground can shift and tremble and let us fall down..."

From The Department Of: Really? Are You Friggin' Kidding Me With This:

Just when I think things are starting to even out, something always comes up. It just seems sometimes that the people I love can't catch a break.

My mom has been feeling kind of...well, off for quite some time. It was nothing that was really debilitating, but enough to cause a disturbance in her every day routine. She went through a battery of tests trying to get to the bottom of it, and each test would yield nothing. And to be honest, with all of more critical, in-the-moment stuff that came up with the people we love, I kept forgetting my mom was not feeling well. Saying that out loud Writing that down is a hard thing for me to face- I hate thinking I swept one person's needs under the rug for another.

So, my mom called me tonight and told me they finally have an answer to what is wrong. She has Parkinson's Disease. I was floored. Really floored, like speechless. Parkinson's? Really. After all of those tests, I could not have been more shocked if you said she had Ebola or Tourette's.

(Actually, I think I have Tourette's sometimes.)

Aside from knowing that Michael J. Fox has it, and that Muhammad Ali, God love him, is a shaky mess from Parkinson's. Although he also took alot of punches to the head...anyway, what I was getting at is that I know next to nothing about Parkinson's Disease. I'm not even in the ballpark of being up for Googling it tonight, so I'll have to read up on it tomorrow. For now, I'm just going to wrap my head around the fact that my mother is sick with it, and that she's going to be following up with the proper doctors to try and manage it.


Thankfully, the day wasn't all bad. I enjoyed the last day of my long weekend by making soup, downloading some music by Kate Voegele, and celebrating the 5th birthday of my niece Riley! The poor muffin had been sick herself all weekend, but thankfully, she's starting to perk up and should be 100% for her birthday party this Saturday (Aunty Breezy already handled ordering the birthday cake from Sweet Eats!)! It was a fun night with the gals and hopefully, they are not still giggling in their room instead of sleeping like they were when Pete and I left!

And speakingof sleeping, I had better take my medicine and get some sleep myself. You never know anymore what you might need to rest up for!



I do what I want! said...

I'm praying for you and your mom!

Shelly said...

oh my.

continuing to pray for your family!