"Well if I didn't say it, well I'd still have felt it. Where's the sense in that?"

Woo...what a day!

It started out great! Well, not weather wise- it's super cold, rainy and gross! I took Ellie to the bus stop and upon realizing that I forgot to bring a change of clothes to go out later, took Anna back to my apartment! She is obsessed with a furry fake sheepskin blanket that we have, so we cuddled up in that and played games on sesamestreet.com! Then it was off to dance, lunch with Randi, then back to the house to pick up Ellie from the bus stop!

Sadly, by the end of the night, I felt alot like this:

But, such is life when you are a nanny, you take the ups and the downs! Tomorrow, my gals will do something cute and their horrendous behavior tonight will be forgiven!

Bad behavior aside, I was very, very proud of Ellie and my nephew Carl, who both had work on display at the county art show! The theme was "Wow!" and it turns out, Wow! There are alot of talented kids in this area! Ellie wrote a story about holidays, and it was displayed in the literature section. Carl painted a gorgeous picture! They were both so pleased and proud, and I was pleased and proud for them! Being a grown woman who can not draw a straight line with a ruler, some of the kids artwork blew me away! And imagine- if it's a local art show today at age 6 or 7, what will it be in five years? Ten? Hey- maybe I should forget Ellie's behavior tonight just in case she becomes a famous, rich artist!

In other news, my tattoo is peeling nicely, and is almost healed and ready to become a permanent display of cuteness! Have I mentioned that I fully heart my tattoo? Because I do!

Okay, time to wipe the tears from the Law and Order episode I was watching while I blogged (yes, I cry over TV shows!) and go to bed!

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