"In the car, we were waiting for our lives to start their ending..."

Most people that know me know that I have horrible road rage. It really is terrible- I can be driving along, listening to a great song, enjoying the day,excited to be going wherever I am going. Then all it takes is one retard cutting me off, hitting the brakes for no reason, not yielding for a service vehicle, having a stupid bumper sticker, driving 20mph in a 40mph zone, driving 40mph on a 20mph zone, talking on a cellphone while driving- oh,my GOD, I HATE when people are talking on cell phones while driving, it blocks out their whole view on the side the phone is on...UGH, PUT THE PHONE DOWN YOU FRIGGIN' IDIOT, DON'T YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS A LAW AGAI-

Ooops. Okay, so I might have a little problem here.

Anyway, driving to work this morning, I was totally cut off by an idiot in an SUV, only to have them going in the same direction on (one lane each way) Kresson Road so I was stuck behind them, spouting a long trail of sluggish profanity, as I had not had any coffee yet. Even at low energy, road rage is nothing to scoff at.

So, I took a picture of the idiot, because it just seemed so me!

(please note- I was at a stoplight that I know is very long, since I get caught at it every damn morning and placed my car in park to ensure my safety and the safety of other drivers as I quickly operated my camera. And no, I am NOT avoiding the subject of my Mom-Mom...)

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Ree said...

I hear ya--nothing puts you in a bad or worse mood more than idiot drivers!!! UGH!! I've been following you on Twitter!! LOVE your tweets!! Follow me so I can reply to ya!!

I do what I want! said...

This sounds just like something I would do. I rarely ever cuss unless I'm behind the wheel trying to get somewhere and an idiot is in front of me. Usually if they are making me really mad and they are in a company car I call the number on the back and let their boss know how bad they are at driving. haha that's horrible but it's something my mom and I started doing a while ago and it kinda gives you some satisfaction :)