"I'm looking to the sky to save me...make my way back home and learn to fly..."

Holy smokes, it is so cold out, I can't stand it! Even the little man on the thermometer at work was bundled up! I love the little snowman next to him! At any rate, I am so happy to be home and curled up on the couch, even if I do have to sit through GW's farewell address. Well, at least it's a farewell.

Don't worry, I'm not going to go all political on you. My brain is frozen anyway!

So how startled was I when upon checking my e-mail, I saw a breaking news bulletin on Google that said a plane had crashed into the Hudson River? Of course, I ran to see what my secret crush Brian Williams had to say about it, and was relieved to see that thanks to the amazing crew, everyone was able to get off the plane safely. I just can't believe that it was birds that took that plane down! I love flying, I am not a spastic flier at all, and I never worried about plane crashes even after 9/11. But I am willing to bet that there are alot more birds near PHL then terrorists! Either way, how amazing to be able to witness such a miracle.

And what better way to digest a miracle then with dinner at Friendly's? The gals and I met up with Randi and her little gals (plus whomever is cooking in her belly!). We ate food that is bad for us and had a great Girls Night Out! It will be so much fun when Randi and I are momma's together and not Momma and Nanny (although it will not be for a while, even though I clearly have mommyhood on the brain lately). As you can see, I lovingly took a picture of two of my favorite indulgences- Friendly's Watermelon sherbert and coffee!!!
I am glad that this cold week is drawing to a close! Two more days of work and then two wonderful days off! That will be my mantra over the next two days!

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