"I don't need a single book to teach me how to read..."

Today was a very quiet day...

...and it was the most beautiful noise I have heard in a LONG time!

Two and a half months, in fact! The renovations at my girls house have been going on since before Thanksgiving, so that's a full holiday season accompanied by near-constant noise! Now, you are reading the blog of a pretty damn noisy person! I love to sing, blast music, and to be completely honest, I talk ALOT! Seriously. You know me. I never shut up.

So you would think that noise would just roll right off my back. And for the first, oh, two weeks, it did. But as the days went by, I became pretty darn cranky! Not only was it noisy, but it smelled weird, was dusty, and completely disrupted the routine the girls and I have.

The gals and I celebrated the quiet with a rousing game of Backyardigans Memory! It was so wonderful to be able to speak to each other at a normal volume and still be able to hear each other! The girls and I had so much fun! And I must say- I usually "throw" the game so the gals can win, but I did not have to try to lose today! The girls whooped my ass! Is my memory supposed to be this bad already- I am only 31 years old! I think I had about three matches, but my poor memory aside, we had alot of fun before Ellie had to settle down to do her homework! I kind of wonder if it will be anything like this when I have my own children.

So with the house back to normal (until the downstairs renovations begin) I hope I can start to feel myself get back to normal. I have felt so...down lately. The holidays are always stressful, and the house being in an uproar has been completely disrupting, so I am hoping that with both of them over for a bit, I will start to have some pep to my step again. It's already January 13th, and I have barely skimmed the surface of the resolutions I made for this year, and want to KEEP for this year! And they include:

*eating healthier
*getting more exercise
*blogging more/creative writing
*being more organized/neat
*spending more time with my family and friends
*setting aside time for just me

I really, really want to make things happen, because I know that I am so lucky and so blessed to have this life. EVERY SECOND COUNTS! So, if you see me on the street or out here in blogland, and it seems like I am slacking please, by all means...

...call me a loser! ;-P

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I do what I want! said...

Thanks for the comment. My boyfriend was like omg your talking to fireman wives all over the country how do you do that haha. I totally know what you mean about being nervous when they are at work. My boyfriend pretty much works in the ghetto too. Have you seen North Las Vegas cops on t.v.? That's where his firestation is! So anytime you wanna talk about it I'm down and I understand! Thanks for wishing me luck with school...I think this semester is going to be a good one and I'm almost done! And there is nothing wrong with being a nanny..especially a fun one who spoils the kids when the parents aren't around haha.